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good human and kind

3 Easy Ways to be a Good Human

I find myself constantly asking myself “why is it so hard to just be nice??” It seems that every time I turn around, I’m hearing about stories of bullying at schools, reading degrading or demeaning comments on social media, or observing people simply not acknowledging the presence of other human beings. Seriously, what went wrong?? […]

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You Told Me You Were Deploying Today

You told me you were deploying today. I wasn’t that surprised. It comes with the job. You were due. We were due. It was time. We’ve been so fortunate for the several years without one, though time away was still frequent. When you told me, I immediately went to that place. That place of preparation. […]

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Confessions of a Reluctant Soccer Mom& Katie

Confessions of a Reluctant Soccer Mom

Six years ago, I signed up my 3-year-old for pee-wee soccer because I was pretty excited to get him started in activities. It’s a great way to introduce sports, plus it’s adorable. Am I right? It’s so much fun watching this precious little herd of children all go after the ball at the same time, […]

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When the Kisses Begin to Fade

Every night at bedtime my 5-year-old and I have a special routine. It’s a routine he started one night. He gives me a big hug and then five kisses. He kisses me on my right cheek, then on my left cheek and then gives me three kisses on the lips. Then he repeats the whole […]

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parenting a teenager

Raising Teenagers: A Balancing Act

It usually starts the same way. The lipstick is too dark. That crop top is not appropriate for school (sometimes not even the living room). Those earbuds have to be removed before it becomes surgically necessary. He is not listening or following rules. She is rude to everyone who looks her way. The attitude, the […]

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