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stable mother comforting child

For My Children, I Am Stable

In my children’s world of military chaos and disorder, I am the constant, the always present person and place. But this role isn’t easy. At our new library, we walk into cheerful chaos: children shouting, towers crashing, bright clothes blurring in motion. Older children sit at tables piecing together lego bricks. Toddlers wobble drunkenly on […]

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household goods

Household Goods Delivery Day: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Whether you’ve been waiting three days or three months, the day your household goods arrive is always an emotional roller coaster. While the outside world may only see Instagram-worthy images of a moving truck and kids happily reunited with their toys, the truth—as you all know—is far less perfect. Indeed, it often looks a little […]

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The One Group I Need in This Stage of Motherhood

Moving is HARD. Some may say that moving across the country is even harder. Finding a new “tribe” every 2 to 4 years is exhausting. Some think it isn’t worth it. Some may think they are not “enough” when it comes to offering themselves up to a friend. Some think they can weather this stage […]

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The Day I Cried at Chick-fil-A

I cried at Chick-fil-A today. I went there to eat my feelings, but instead I ended up making everyone around me exceptionally uncomfortable.  I fully believe that Chick-fil-A is a place to be happy. To eat the Lord’s Chicken, to lick Chick-fil-A sauce directly from the perfectly portioned container and to drink three lemonades while […]

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