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Reliving My Sorority Days as a Military Spouse

The day my husband graduated Officer Candidate School, I remember thinking to myself that I was going through Sorority Rush (a process in which university undergraduate women join a sorority) all over again. Before the graduation ceremony, they put all of the candidates’ spouses in a conference room and briefed us on how the rest […]

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The Books that Grew Me

Oh, my word ladies, I’ve been journaling. I absolutely love to journal but somewhere along the way, from being a child to being a mother, I lost the art journaling, of slowing down, of mindfulness. Sure, I write… but for a cause, for a purpose, for a career … but for myself? That’s decreased over […]

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

I’m FINALLY learning to embrace my saggy bottom britches, body parts descending, stretch marks showing, varicose vein-wearing, laugh-lines growing, middle-aged body of mine. I recently listened to a Lysa TerKeurst podcast. She discusses her book- It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way. She refers to buying a bikini that her DNA confirms she is not […]

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When To Say Goodbye to a Friend for Good

Friendship can be hard especially when balanced on a perpetually spinning wheel. I liken military friendships to a roller coaster; the ride can be a thrill, circuslike enjoyment, spinning all sorts of directions with extreme highs and extreme lows. But the second you get off, queasiness and uncertainty set in. Don’t get me wrong- friendship […]

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the perfect mother

December Book Club: The Perfect Mother

The perfect mother: a title bestowed upon the best moms and coveted by many. This woman can balance everything. Her children are carefully dressed and well-behaved. She can manage a career and be present at home and for all family events; she is expected to provide food for every function and to volunteer for everything. […]

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The One Group I Need in This Stage of Motherhood

Moving is HARD. Some may say that moving across the country is even harder. Finding a new “tribe” every 2 to 4 years is exhausting. Some think it isn’t worth it. Some may think they are not “enough” when it comes to offering themselves up to a friend. Some think they can weather this stage […]

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Sometimes you can find your tribe in unexpected places.

Parenting in a Villageless Society

  Finding your way when a village doesn’t exist Perhaps it’s one of those nostalgic, rose-colored glasses perspectives, but it often feels like the days when parents had an established village was a lot less overwhelming than modern-day parenting. That’s not to say parents — moms especially — never experienced stress or frustration in their own […]

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