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10 Ways to Spark Joy this Winter

As military families, we’re constantly on the move. You may be tired of your warm winter or waiting to get out of your cold winter. But winter is just that – a season. It passes before you know it. Maybe we should try to find joy in the season, no matter the temperatures or conditions. […]

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Reliving My Sorority Days as a Military Spouse

The day my husband graduated Officer Candidate School, I remember thinking to myself that I was going through Sorority Rush (a process in which university undergraduate women join a sorority) all over again. Before the graduation ceremony, they put all of the candidates’ spouses in a conference room and briefed us on how the rest […]

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Letterboxing and geocaching Success!

Beating Summer Boredom With Letterboxing and Geocaching

Ah, summer. No more mornings spent rushing to the bus. No more projects, organized sports, or uniforms. No agenda – just easy-breezy days, filled with Popsicles, laughter, and general nonchalant recreation. Until suddenly, after a few blissful weeks of laissez-faire attitudes and lax schedules, the novelty of summertime freedom wears off. All manner of whining […]

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The Books that Grew Me

Oh, my word ladies, I’ve been journaling. I absolutely love to journal but somewhere along the way, from being a child to being a mother, I lost the art journaling, of slowing down, of mindfulness. Sure, I write… but for a cause, for a purpose, for a career … but for myself? That’s decreased over […]

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