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Military Retirement Terrifies Me

Most people hear the word “retirement” and think of something that happens later in life. Generally, it is a time where one stops working and lives off of a company pension, retirement plan, or savings. It evokes images of rest, relaxation, and in truth, old age.  In the military, retirement takes on an entirely different […]

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On Becoming a New Military Spouse

This month marks our ninth year of marriage. As we begin to plan ways to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary, I am reminded of all things ’10 year’ we were once heading toward, prior to Air Force life.  Our family took up residence in cozy Colorado Springs for the majority of our lives. It’s been home for decades. […]

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Undesirable/Unexpected Orders: How to Cope

P.C.S. aka “Permanent Change of Station”: Isn’t it funny how something so simple—a single phrase, the arrangement of three seemingly harmless letters—can completely throw you for a loop? When I fell in love with that tall, rowdy and reckless, Texas boy who was just “thinking” about joining the military back in college, I honestly had no […]

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