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Deployment: A Child’s Perspective

April is Month of the Military Child. During this month, all branches of the military join together to recognize the unique challenges children in military families face. Whether a child was born into a military family or has newly become a military child, they experience changes that civilian children may not be exposed to. They […]

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You Told Me You Were Deploying Today

You told me you were deploying today. I wasn’t that surprised. It comes with the job. You were due. We were due. It was time. We’ve been so fortunate for the several years without one, though time away was still frequent. When you told me, I immediately went to that place. That place of preparation. […]

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military spouse

Grit and Heart (and Also Quite Smart): This Is What Military Spouses Are Made Of

Military families make up less than 0.5 percent of the American population. Though we have been at war since 9/11, few Americans have served in the military or have a direct link to it. There is a large gap between civilians and the military. Even more than the active duty member, a military spouse must […]

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my service is enough

Why My Service is Enough

I’ve been a military spouse now for more than a decade. No, I’m not a good military spouse as far as participation within our squadrons or packing the perfect deployment care packages. I’ve made a consorted effort to not “wear my husband’s rank” and, instead, to make something of myself as an individual. But, I […]

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