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mom guilt

When the Mom Guilt Sets In

I lay in bed listening to the sounds of my husband’s deep breaths, indicating he was sound asleep. But I was wide awake. My mind was racing, and I kept hearing that voice in my head.   The voice just kept whispering it was all my fault. Tears welled in my eyes and began to roll […]

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Organize Your Mind to Organize Your Life

Organize Your Mind to Organize Your Life

Feeling Unorganized  Is anyone else also obsessed with Marie Kondo and her book/Netflix series on the Japanese art of tidying up? Anyone else instantly dump the contents of her house onto her bed and start folding her clothes in new, upright ways? If you’re like me, you did these things and SO. MUCH. MORE. But when […]

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SometimesMotherhoodFeels Heavy-2

When Motherhood Feels Heavy

Motherhood is unlike anything else. I know that sounds incredibly cliche, but it’s true. It’s more than a job. It’s more than a position or trait. It turns your entire life upside down and spits you out on a new planet. There is beauty and magic and oxytocin and happiness and soul-crushing love. But there […]

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Quaking In Your Heels: Embracing Vulnerability as Your Greatest Strength

  “Sometimes you feel foolish, even look foolish, but you do the thing anyway.” –Gus, The Go Giver   She’s beautiful, collected, approachable and she’s oozing self-confidence. Her outfits are on trend, yet, effortless and with no fuss. She almost always has a smile regardless of the situation (and a sincere one no less!), and […]

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