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A Poem for Postpartum Moms

So you just had a baby…

See that love?! Swoon!

I think it counts within a year!

Our lives are probably similar

I am here to say, “Have no fear!”


You’re not alone in your feelings,

At least as long as you’re feeling crazy.

Not much is “getting accomplished”

And in no way because you’re lazy.


Everyone is sick the day you come home —

The big kids brought it from school.

Strep throat, a stomach virus, and a nasty cough,

It’s like living in your own cesspool.


Breastfeeding, they say, is natural and ‘the best’,

Actual photo of me nursing my baby…

It is easy and important for bonding.

Easy?! Well, you can just shove it!

At least that’s how I feel like responding.


Engorged boobies, cracked nipples,

And a hefty round of mastitis,

Hubby, I mean it, hands off

Don’t you dare try to entice us.


Not showered, unkempt, a bit disheveled

Feeling a little like a loaf of bread with feet.

Add all of these things to the lack of sleep

And you’re feeling pretty beat.


Living in the new mom uniform,

The glamorous yoga pants and big t-shirt.

Dripping in stains from God knows what

And wishing that it were only dirt.


Nothing in your old wardrobe fits

At least not exactly how it used to.

That is the price of carrying a little miracle,

So, really, what’s a mom to do?


Overnight you became the one who is always late

Just because who can resist this face!

When you never before were tardy.

As long as the gathering ends by 9pm

Than you are still the life of the party!


Even with all these things to consider,

I still would not change a thing.

Because this little life in front of me

Arrived with love I didn’t know it could bring.


When things feel a bit too much

Nothing more joyful!

And you’re frazzled by all the crying,

The first smile that your sweet babe gives you

Makes life worth while, I’m not lying.


So when I pass you on the street,

I will recognize solidarity in your eyes.

By the love that swells in our hearts

And the sweatpants that hide our thighs.

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