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Britax and Month of the Military Child

In honor of the Month of the Military Child, we partnered with Britax to share a series of posts on child safety. Not only do Britax car seats meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, they go above and beyond to provide extra levels of safety. The brand also conducts more tests than required. For a military family always on the move, it’s comforting to know and trust a brand that is dedicated to keeping our kids safe — through infant car seats, convertible car seats, booster seats and strollers.

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Beaudreaux Boys

Overprotect: What Britax and Military Moms Have in Common

“You double and triple check the movers’ work when they reassemble the crib and baby dresser. You test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in the new house. You keep an eye on your kids as they play outside in the new yard in your new neighborhood.

And you worry.”

This Terrible Thing Happened But Supposedly I’m Fine

“For months after the accident, I would scream and break out in a sweat if a car got slightly too close to mine on the road. Often I would have to pull over to calm down. I also would have these episodes if I was on foot and I thought a car was too close to me, even though often the car wasn’t close at all. I also would re-envision the accident many times a day.”

Why Your Car Seat Might Be Installed Wrong

“I consider myself a bit of a car seat safety tyrant after having a pretty bad car accident a few years ago, but that statistic alone made me go back and check my car seats. What is the point of having a top of the line car seat, and a safe car when the car seat isn’t installed or used correctly?”

Why I Overprotect (And Am Sometimes Called Neurotic)

“Some would say I’m a bit of a worrier. My husband sees it as neuroticism. Personally, I think I have an overactive imagination. I tend to imagine the worst case scenario for every situation.

I sort of think this is my way to overprotect my family and myself.”

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