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Breakfast Bonding

Taking the FAST Out of Breakfast

Saturdays mornings were my favorite as a child. My great-uncle would treat us to breakfast often. At times, the trio of us (my sisters and I) joined hands with Uncle Dick, promenaded ourselves out to the car and took a short drive around the corner to Denny’s. There was something special about that time together on Saturday mornings. My uncle would joke along the way, pointing out a stop sign here or there, asking what it said, then screeching […]

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WordPress_Stop The Cycle Of Comparison (2)

Stop the Cycle of Comparison: Choosing Joy Over Jealousy

Have you felt it before? It’s that sinking feeling of annoyance and “why not me” when you see “#blessed” in a friend’s picture from her first-class flight or hear about a new job your former playdate-mom-friend recently landed, or see your neighbors renovating their already enviable home and wonder why you can’t seem to keep […]

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Let ‘Em Laugh: Embracing Your Spouse’s Sense of Humor

There I was enjoying a nice, relaxing shower. The kids were sleeping, the clothes were folded, and the floors were actually mopped hence I was enjoying a 10 minute shower instead of the typical hurried five minute one. Suddenly, I hear running footsteps. My husband bursts into the bathroom, opens the shower door, turns around, […]

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Taking time out to laugh with the kids helps me focus later on.

Proud to Be a ‘Bad Mom’ and Why You Should, Too

You know the scene. I’m talking about the morning parking lot scene where we moms hurriedly thrust backpacks, lunches and kisses onto our precocious bundles of joy and then watch them meander like confused lemmings across 100 feet of school grounds while we holler out “Go to school!” Then, finally, we belatedly inhale the caffeinated […]

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Candice Curry

MilMB’s Book Club Presents an Interview with Candice Curry, Author of “The Con Man’s Daughter”

Tragedy, neglect, addiction, manipulation – all these words can describe “The Con Man’s Daughter” by Candice Curry. Yet, this memoir is so much more than this. It is a story of triumph over tragedy, love over pain, and forgiveness in all its forms. This book brought out a wide range of emotions and thoughts for […]

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The Best of Pensacola for Kids of All Ages

Pensacola, Florida, is known for its white sand beaches and emerald waters. It also is the home to multiple Naval Air Stations and specific training schools that will land many in the area for weeks or years at a time. Unfortunately, many of the family attractions are geared for school-aged kids, so it took me […]

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