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Military Moms Blog: Our First Year in Review

Military Moms Blog launched one year ago today, and just like a real baby, so much changed in that first year. We are grateful for those who have been with us since the beginning, and the ones who have joined us along the way. Before we soar off into year 2, we want to take a minute and look back on everything that has happened.

By the numbers:

445: original articles published (so far!)

35: full time contributors and a handful of guest authors, including a couple of dads

Over 30: partners and sponsors

8: babies born

2: pregnancies that are still cooking!

3: babies turning one

10: kids starting preschool or kindergarten

2: kids starting or graduating from high school

15: Permanent Change of Stations

3: new homeowners

10: new jobs, credentials, licensures, and businesses

5: deployments

7: promotions

2: spouses moving from Active Duty to Reserves

5: articles, chapters, and books published

13: full and half marathons and other races run

1,000,000: moments of frustration and joy

Many other things have happened as well. One mom was a recipient of a new home from Building Homes for Heroes and three others are back in school. One contributor has a child who beat cancer, and there is a mom who turned the big 4-0.

There was a wine club, weight lost, teeth lost, a lot of reading – one contributor was pleased that she was able to read 3 books in a year while another read over 100 in that same amount of time. We traveled all over the world, some joined the “minivan club,” and one sent children away to camp for the first time.

Collectively, it feels like we had a million sleepless nights between nursing babies, living through TDYs and deployments, jetlag, and stress. One mom is nervously anticipating turning her car seat to forward facing once her daughter turns 5 while another mom discovered Prozac!

There were miscarriages, a hysterectomy, lost pets, trips to the ER, and many goodbyes. We have cried, cheered, and celebrated the small and the big, the happy and the sad, the rare and the common. The beauty of motherhood is that it is full of successes, failures, and surprises. We have enjoyed experiencing this past year with you.

What has changed for you since last July?


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