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For The Moms and Dads Who Love To Read…The MilMB Book Club

The MilMB Book Club was founded in August 2017 as an online community for book lovers. We started out with just our team members and have slowly grown to include members around the world.

Our book selections are varied in genre and theme. From classics to the newest must-read book, we cover a little of everything. Because that is what our book club is – readers of many ages, backgrounds, preferences, and locations. 

I like to brag that it is the most low maintenance book club you will ever be a part of! Our members can read a monthly selection or not; they can contribute in online questions or ignore them entirely; they can ask questions or never say a thing. If you are interested in joining our book club, click here. You can also find us on Facebook: just search for “MilMB Book Club” and request to join!

Here are the monthly reviews of our books, with commentary from our members and even a few author interviews. Come back every month to see what we are reading!


March Book Club: Hunger

Warning: This memoir contains accounts of sexual assault and trauma. Please be advised before reading this book or this review. “The story of my body is not a story of triumph.” There were many words that struck me and our book club while we read Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay. There […]

February Book Club: My Friend Anna

You are out with a group of friends, eating dinner or getting a drink. The bill comes along, and a friend offers to get it for the group. You all do this, alternating who pays and sharing the responsibility. With close friends, this is increasingly common. I do this often with my best friend and […]

January Book Club: The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls

We read a great deal of fiction books that dissect the American family. We like these books for their relatability; their portrayal of fictional characters in all-too-real situations; their gritty and honest details.  In The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray, we are presented with another American family, broken apart by […]

December Book Club: The Alice Network

We. Love. Historical. Fiction. I knew that The Alice Network by Kate Quinn had to be a pick for our book club. The reviews were great, every other book nerd I know recommended it, and again, our club loves historical fiction. It’s an entertaining way to learn about events and facts, especially if you are […]

November Book Club: The Last Romantics (and a Surprise Interview)

“This then is the true lesson: There is nothing romantic about love. Only the most naive believe it will save them. Only the hardiest of us will survive it. And yet. And yet! We believe in love because we want to believe in it.” This excerpt is from the final page of “The Last Romantics” […]

August Book Club: The Library Book by Susan Orlean

When you hear the word library, what is the first thought or image that comes to mind?  I picture shelves upon shelves of books. I see people of all ages and backgrounds. I see the elusive second floor of the main library in my hometown, which seemed mysterious to my child eyes. I smell books […]

July Book Club: Nine Perfect Strangers

When I think of a luxury wellness resort, I conjure up images of calm and serenity. I see spa treatments and carefully curated, nutritious meals. I imagine yoga, meditation, and an overall sense of peace. In short, it sounds like a perfect break for a mother of four. But “luxury” and “wellness” can be subjective […]

June Book Club: The Immortalists

The Immortalists: It is 1969 New York City, and the Gold children are looking for a little fun. Word had spread through the Lower East Side of a psychic woman who can read fortunes. The four adolescent siblings set out to find this woman and seek answers about their futures. They all possess the desire […]

May Book Club: Educated by Tara Westover

Imagine that your very first day of school was at the age of seventeen. This is the age that Tara Westover, the author of Educated, entered her first classroom.  Tara and her six siblings were raised by Mormon survivalists in Idaho. Her father’s fears of the end of the world and paranoia about government influence […]

April Book Club: The Tattooist of Auschwitz

It is a familiar tale. Boy meets girl, boy pursues girl, boy and girl fall in love and live happily ever after. But in The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris, the familiar yet unconventional tale occurs among war, genocide, torture, and pain. It is a story about the Holocaust and the tragedies that occurred […]

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