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MedExpress and Tricare: Everything You Need To Know

Medical care and coverage can be tricky, especially when you have to make a decision in a hurry or during a stressful situation. We partnered with MedExpress to share a series of posts on Urgent Care and Tricare. MedExpress has 250 urgent care locations in 20 different states. These facilities are warm and welcoming, and the average wait time is under an hour. MedExpress also accepts Tricare in most states, so check out the MedExpress website to see if there is one near you.

MedExpress Roundup
MedExpress, Uniontown

Everything You Need To Know About Tricare And Urgent Care

Great news moms with accident-prone kids and/or family members who love to get sick or injured on the weekend! As of January 1, 2018, Tricare Prime enrollees do not need a referral for urgent care. Find out all the details here.

Top Ten Reasons To Visit Urgent Care

Check out my Top 10 reasons why I go to urgent care, like when I flipped over my bike handlebars while dressed like Tonya Harding on Halloween and broke my elbow. What? Just me?

Urgent Care: A Love Letter

“Dear Urgent Care, You are the unsung hero of my motherhood journey because my kids ALWAYS get sick on Friday night. But this past winter, I was thankful for you because you took care of ME.”

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