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Friday Favorites: Christy’s Picks for Winter

Friday Favorite favorites

Welcome to our newest series. In “Friday Favorites,” our team will share a handful of favorite items.

These favorite things can range from clothes to beauty products to recipes to books and anything in between. Disclaimer: None of these companies are paying us to be included, we just like them! But Target, if you would like to pay us in gift cards … just putting it out there to the universe.

I’ll start this week with some of my favorites for the colder weather. I live in the UK and, unfortunately, our cold starts way earlier than I prefer!



I used to spend WAY too much on jeans. At almost six feet tall and lean, it was hard to find jeans that fit well. I used to have a few pair that I was very careful with and washed infrequently. I’m not saying that I regret any of those purchases, but now that I have three small children and spend more time playing on the floor and cleaning my house than at happy hour, I needed to shift my focus to jeans that were comfortable and fit well BUT were also reasonably priced.

I can’t remember when I discovered Levi’s Denizen at Target but I now own the skinny style in every color. They are comfortable, wash well, and come in long in every size. Did I mention they start at less than $30?

{Sizing tip: Go down at least one size. They run big!}


It rains a lot here. And when it isn’t raining in the winter, everything is still wet and muddy from the last time it rained. These are my go-to winter boots. I can wear them everywhere, through every terrain, and they wipe clean like new when I get home.

I do wear wellies in the summer, but in the winter I need a heavier rain boot that is warm and has some traction, too. These are technically riding boots and while I live in the epicenter of British horse riding, I don’t actually ride horses. When in Rome…


blanket scarf


Do you prefer to spend your day warm, dry, and in the comfort of your own home? Do real life adult activities have a tendency to ruin that for you? Enter the blanket scarf. This piece of heaven makes you feel like you are cozy and warm even when you have to walk to and from school in the rain to pick up your kids.

Seriously though, I have had my blanket scarf on non-stop since it started getting cold here. My husband is constantly laughing at me when I am wearing it while sitting in bed typing away on my computer.

A blanket scarf is typically a huge square. Fold it and wear however you want. I like to make mine into a big triangle and then wrap it around my neck with the point of the triangle hanging down in the front. However, there are several ways to wear it.



This is one of the two most used beauty products in our house. Even my husband uses it. It smells amazing and has multiple uses. I love it on my face and use it in the morning before applying a moisturizer with sunscreen and at night before any sort of other night time potion I use. I put it on my kids’ faces and in their super dry curly hair. My husband loves that it feels natural and isn’t greasy. He is right; it absorbs instantly leaving your skin feel soft and smelling good.

Nuxe is a cult favorite in France. I will stop talking about it and just let you read about it and decide for yourself.

{I will say that it is cheaper if you live in Europe, but is still well worth the price that you will pay in the US.}

rosebud salve


This is another one of my family’s “don’t leave home without it” items in our house. I keep one in my nightstand and one in my purse. I love this item so much that I have given it out as my favorite item at friend’s “Favorite Things” party.

Winter can be rough on lips. Rosebud Salve is smooth and non greasy. While I am usually the one applying this to my kids’ lips, they can do it too without making a huge mess. I have only used this on lips, but their website talks about using it for dry and itchy skin, eczema, and to tame unruly hair.

I prefer the original, but there are a couple of different flavors and even the option to buy it in a tube instead of a tin. The tin lasts forever so at less than $8, it is a great deal.

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