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By now, you are likely feeling overwhelmed by all the coronavirus updates. And they are coming at you from everywhere – the news, social media, your coworkers, friends, family…it’s a LOT to take in.

We get it.

In fact, I’m lucky if I am making it through each day without worrying about everything from toilet paper to checking my kids for symptoms.

So here at Military Moms Blog, we have compiled all our resources for you in one tidy corral. Whether you are searching for tips on homeschooling during this time, an immuno-compromised citizen’s perspective on self-isolation, or a few laughs to ease the tension, we have you covered.

Perspectives from our Team

Week by Week, I’m Struggling…But Still Trying

It had been one week since our governor canceled all public schools through at least March 30th, and yesterday it was pushed to May 15.  At that moment, I was sitting cross-legged on the floor, typing from the living room coffee table. I was debating whether or not I should pour another three-quarters worth of cold […]

COVID-19 Dispatches from Around The World

No matter where you are in the world, you are feeling the impacts of COVID-19. Our Military Moms Blog team is located in multiple states and countries. We are all in this experience together, but each of ours is a little different from the other. Some of us are hunkered in our homes in mandatory [...]

It’s Not About The Toilet Paper – It’s About Our Humanity

Covid-19 pandemic…or a toilet paper crisis? I keep thinking about this toilet paper crisis during this pandemic, a crisis that seems to only affect those of us in the United States. COVID-19 is affecting the world at large, but toilet paper…this one is reserved for those of us trained up in overconsumption and “me first” […]

Self-Isolation: Human Responsibility VS American Rights

I posted this yesterday on Facebook after days of reading article after article about the current pandemic: OK. That’s it. I’m tapping out. I’m now going into self-isolation for the foreseeable future because I feel that’s the responsible thing to do. I have an autoimmune disorder called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus which puts me in the […]

As the Wife of an Emergency Physician, I Beg You, Please Stay Home

This weekend, on the cusp of Spring Break, my phone was abuzz: “What are we thinking about Mom’s Night Out? Are you still going?” “That pool party’s still okay since there’s only a few of us, right?” My answer was no. Today, I was going to post this to urge you all with similar thoughts to […]

Dispatches from Northern Italy: How to Survive A Coronavirus Quarantine with Kids

Because of the coronavirus outbreak in northern Italy where I live, schools have been closed since February 23rd. As of March 9th, our town and region have been under quarantine and on lockdown, which means we are not allowed to leave our house unless for work, groceries or medical emergencies. As of now, these quarantine […]

Homeschooling and Self-Isolation Resources

Military Moms Neighborhood Egg Hunt

We may not be able to attend our favorite events and holiday activities right now, but with a little help from our communities, we can still do an Easter Egg Hunt while practicing social distancing. Similar to the "Bear Hunts" and "Chalk Walks" we've seen popping up over neighborhoods across the country, our hunt works [...]

15 Ways to Use PlayDough For Learning and Play

Do you like playdough? Do your kids? Most of us have play dough in the house or perhaps like to make our own. We like using playdough for learning and play. Adding a sensory element to learning is a great way to make it fun. Life feels a bit much at the moment, right? The […]

Schools Closed? 7 Sanity Saving Tips and Activities From a Seasoned Homeschooler

Schools all around the world are closing due to coronavirus. This isn’t the first time schools have closed down, and it won’t be the last. Whether it’s due to weather, sickness, holidays, or simply having to PCS before the semester is over, educating kids at home is sure to happen at least once in your […]

Recommended Family Viewing for the Shut-In Season

If you’re like my family, the winter months are a time for hibernation and family bonding. This year we’re even more reclusive with a raging flu season, a newborn in the house, and our first winter in six years. Let’s just say we’re getting our money’s worth out of all our streaming subscriptions. Whether you find […]

City Mom Collective and Sister Site Resources

Live Videos

Have you suddenly found yourself as your children's primary educator and unsure what to do? Join us as we talk to Heather Tabers, a seasoned homeschool mama, for tips, advice, and resources to continue educational momentum without skipping a beat! What questions do YOU have? Comment below!

Posted by Military Moms Blog on Wednesday, March 18, 2020


LIVE Q&A with Dr. Lisa Di Enno- With so much medical misinformation out there, we are honored to have Dr. Lisa Di Enno join us to help navigate your questions relating to COVID-19 and your family. Dr. Di Enno is a retired Navy pediatrician who currently specializes in pediatric urgent care.What questions do YOU have? Be sure to comment below!

Posted by Military Moms Blog on Friday, March 20, 2020


Creative Mindfulness with Grace from The Rainbow Tree – With schools out across the country, we want to help you create fun and meaningful connections with your kids while learning! Today, we're talking with Grace, from The Rainbow Tree, to learn about the purpose of creativity, and do an activity together. All you need is play dough! It's more than a craft – it's a creative reset!

Posted by Military Moms Blog on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Facebook Resources and Posts


When I first heard about the virus, I wasn’t very worried. I thought to myself, “This won’t affect me, it’s going to be…

Posted by Military Moms Blog on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Almost nightly my oldest son struggles to fall asleep. He worries about little things such as if he will get a hit at…

Posted by Military Moms Blog on Monday, March 23, 2020

Isolation, lines at grocery stores, and homeschooling – is this the new normal?Right now, being told to stay home…

Posted by Military Moms Blog on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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