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children at the beach a blessing in life

Blessings By The Week

Do we ever just stop and take a moment to think about how truly blessed we are? That weekend we just spent at a gorgeous beach in Okinawa, Japan in January, basking in the warm sun for very little money since it was a military resort. I remembered that people pay good money to vacation […]

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stable mother comforting child

For My Children, I Am Stable

In my children’s world of military chaos and disorder, I am the constant, the always present person and place. But this role isn’t easy. At our new library, we walk into cheerful chaos: children shouting, towers crashing, bright clothes blurring in motion. Older children sit at tables piecing together lego bricks. Toddlers wobble drunkenly on […]

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winter scene

10 Ways to Spark Joy this Winter

As military families, we’re constantly on the move. You may be tired of your warm winter or waiting to get out of your cold winter. But winter is just that – a season. It passes before you know it. Maybe we should try to find joy in the season, no matter the temperatures or conditions. […]

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