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dani wade under a tree limb

Step Out On That Limb

As military spouses, we know walking down the aisle into our marriage that we will be giving up control of our lives. We know that we will be required to live outside of our comfort zone. When “I do” was said, “I will” was also said. I will make the sacrifice to follow my other […]

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global helping hands

4 Simple Ways to Help Change the World

My oldest daughter is quite the idealist. If there’s anything to volunteer for at school, she is the first one who raises her hand. Last year she joined Student Council and was invited to travel to York for a Youth Leadership Conference. As a competitive swimmer, she was greatly impressed by the story of Yusra […]

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This Year, Treat Your Kid’s MilSpouse Teacher Like The Rock Star She Is

It’s a funny thing, this military life … despite being a teacher, I rarely actually teach. Instead, I often find myself occupying other roles: stay-at-home mom, PTO volunteer, FRG leader, etc. And while these are all fulfilling in their own ways, part of me will always identify as an educator—even if this wayward military lifestyle […]

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