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Blue Anchor Belles Breastfeeding Parody Video

Blue Anchor Belles’ “God Rest Ye Merry Ladies” Parody Video

If you haven’t heard, The Breastfeeding Shop is the fastest, easiest, and hands-down friendliest one-stop-online-shop for all your breast pump needs — check out the no-cost breast pumps you can choose from here. Military Moms Blog’s love for The Breastfeeding Shop comes second only to Walmart Online Grocery Pickup, where you can shop in your […]

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MedExpress Roundup

MedExpress and Tricare: Everything You Need To Know

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are our own. Military Moms Blog and MedExpress are separate and unrelated businesses. It is not necessary to purchase products or services from MedExpress to be eligible. Entrants agree to release MedExpress from any and all claims or liabilities of any nature arising in connection with this […]

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Urgent Care: A Love Letter

MedExpress, our partner for this post, has 250 urgent care locations in 20 different states. These facilities are warm and welcoming and the average wait time is under an hour. MedExpress also accepts Tricare in most states so check out the MedExpress website to see if there is one near you. Dear Urgent Care, You […]

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MedExpress feature 1

Everything You Need to Know About Tricare and Urgent Care

This sponsored post is part of a three-part series with MedExpress. We feel privileged to work with MedExpress to share this message with readers.We have all been there. It is after normal office hours and your child is not well. The fever that has been coming and going all day just won’t break, and he […]

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My Breast Pump Gave me

My Breast Pump Gave Me Freedom

I don’t have the licensing rights to share a picture of Mel Gibson in Braveheart, nor do I have the dedication to paint my face in blue stripes. Please use your imagination. “Freedom!” With my first child, we were stationed overseas and I wasn’t working. We gave her about ten bottles of pumped milk early […]

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The Breastfeeding Shop

The Milk Fairies Have Ears: Why Breastfeeding Just Got Easier

When the nesting urge struck me recently, it struck like lightning. Everything that lingered on my to-do list for the last eight months suddenly felt more urgent than ever before. In one hormone and coffee fueled afternoon, I reorganized a hall closet, sorted through all the baby clothes, set up the crib, and ordered a […]

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Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash.

What the Government Shutdown Means for Military Families

*UPDATED Sunday, 1/21, 6:00am CT * Like every government shutdown in the past, the biggest question for military families is, “How does this impact me?” So, we’ve done the research and compiled as many relevant answers as we can find. As more information is released, this post will continue to be updated. We are doing […]

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