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dress code

Dress Code Guidelines for Military Installations

It was hard to take fashion advice from someone who used to dress like a pirate on the regular, but there I was standing in front of my husband in my Soffe shorts and flip-flops being told to go change. I tried to explain that these were my “going-out-in-public” shorts and fancy flip-flops from Target, […]

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You Told Me You Were Deploying Today

You told me you were deploying today. I wasn’t that surprised. It comes with the job. You were due. We were due. It was time. We’ve been so fortunate for the several years without one, though time away was still frequent. When you told me, I immediately went to that place. That place of preparation. […]

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military spouse

It’s OK to Be A Military Spouse

You are a military spouse.  You’ll meet more people during your spouse’s years of services than you can count. You’ll meet superiors and subordinates. You’ll meet classmates, wingmen, and crew members. You’ll meet new spouses, older spouses, and single military members. You’ll fit in some groups, and you won’t fit in others. Sometimes you’ll be the […]

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So God Made a Military Spouse

The choice to serve wouldn’t be easy or taken lightly. Time would be given and careful considerations taken. Pros and cons would be listed, and those affected would be considered. God knew they’d need someone to understand what they were signing up for, that the sacrifices would be real, and that life wouldn’t always be […]

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Away From Home for the Holidays … and Still Celebrating!

My family and I enjoy holidays, but we love the Christmas season. The lights and decorations; the cheer and spirit; the food and family. Something about this time of year and season is just a little magical. I look forward to our traditions and celebrations every year. The best part of the Christmas season is the […]

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my service is enough

Why My Service is Enough

I’ve been a military spouse now for more than a decade. No, I’m not a good military spouse as far as participation within our squadrons or packing the perfect deployment care packages. I’ve made a consorted effort to not “wear my husband’s rank” and, instead, to make something of myself as an individual. But, I […]

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2018 Veteran's Day Deals,Veteran's Eat Free

2018 Veterans Day Deals

  Here at Military Mom’s Blog we love a good sale. And we LOVE our veterans, so this year’s Veterans Day Deals have a special place in our hearts. Lucky for you, we did some research and found THE best deals for you this Veterans Day.  Always call ahead to check and make sure your […]

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My First (and Last) Air Force Ball

  For years I’ve watched as my friends get all dolled up each year and go to their respective military balls. I stare at their pictures of them in their gorgeous formal gowns, with their spouses by their side looking dashing in their dress uniform. I’ve always wondered when it would be my turn. I […]

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