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So God Made a Military Spouse

The choice to serve wouldn’t be easy or taken lightly. Time would be given and careful considerations taken. Pros and cons would be listed, and those affected would be considered. God knew they’d need someone to understand what they were signing up for, that the sacrifices would be real, and that life wouldn’t always be […]

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my service is enough

Why My Service is Enough

I’ve been a military spouse now for more than a decade. No, I’m not a good military spouse as far as participation within our squadrons or packing the perfect deployment care packages. I’ve made a consorted effort to not “wear my husband’s rank” and, instead, to make something of myself as an individual. But, I […]

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Look at the naive youngsters. Eating mac and cheese and drinking Champagne out of a paper cup like they weren't getting married in ten minutes.

Modern Marriage and the Military, a Double-Edged Sword

As a 10-year-old kid, my heart’s desire was to marry Jareth, The Goblin King, from the Labyrinth. Obviously, I was a true romantic even then. Despite the wildly inappropriate age difference, pirate shirts, velvet leggings, and ever present codpiece, I truly believe I was wise beyond my years. Fast forward a few more years that […]

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old wives

Old Wives’ Tales: Having Babies After 35

Carrie Underwood came under criticism in 2018 for remarks she made during an interview with Redbook. When asked if she wanted a large family, Carrie responded: “I’m 35, so we may have missed our chance to have a big family.” Her response sparked an internet storm of emotional comments from fans and followers, all of […]

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Quaking In Your Heels: Embracing Vulnerability as Your Greatest Strength

  “Sometimes you feel foolish, even look foolish, but you do the thing anyway.” –Gus, The Go Giver   She’s beautiful, collected, approachable and she’s oozing self-confidence. Her outfits are on trend, yet, effortless and with no fuss. She almost always has a smile regardless of the situation (and a sincere one no less!), and […]

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