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dress code

Dress Code Guidelines for Military Installations

It was hard to take fashion advice from someone who used to dress like a pirate on the regular, but there I was standing in front of my husband in my Soffe shorts and flip-flops being told to go change. I tried to explain that these were my “going-out-in-public” shorts and fancy flip-flops from Target, […]

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

I’m FINALLY learning to embrace my saggy bottom britches, body parts descending, stretch marks showing, varicose vein-wearing, laugh-lines growing, middle-aged body of mine. I recently listened to a Lysa TerKeurst podcast. She discusses her book- It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way. She refers to buying a bikini that her DNA confirms she is not […]

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traditional vs natural deodorant(1)

Traditional vs. Natural Deodorant: An Introduction

When it comes to deodorant, we generally have these options: Traditional or Natural. Powder or Patchouli. Aluminum or Au Natural. I, personally, am solidly in the natural camp – as is evidenced by my ridiculous stockpile of natural deodorants. Yep. All mine. If the zombie apocalypse ever hits, I’ve got natural deo on lock-down. But […]

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Hair Salon

I Have Commitment Issues

It’s that time of year when everyone is focused on self care and what they can do to be a better version of themselves in 2019. Every year I make the same “resolution” or promise to myself. Every year I have lofty aspirations  of finally committing. Yet, we are here two months in, and I […]

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