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8 Websites to save big online!

Lululemon For Less: 8 Designer Deal Websites You Need To Know!  

  I never buy anything at full retail price. Seriously, never. Why? Well, it’s a habit I developed in part due to my upbringing, but it’s also because I simply don’t have to pay full price and neither do you! The internet has evolved into an incredible marketplace of designer discounts, high-end resale retailers and […]

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Direct Sales_erin

Yes, I Work in Direct Sales, Yes, I Am That Person

Y’all, I never thought I’d be a salesperson. I have always been the shy, dreamy-eyed romantic who is feeling big feelings and writing poetry in the corner. I see multiple sides in most arguments. In fact, I spent most of my undergraduate studies learning how to craft essays defending different positions. I would never take […]

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A Real Mom’s Guide To Mocktails

Attention all mamas who are currently not drinking! Are you expecting a sweet little bundle? Are you nursing and nervous your baby might be getting a little too happy at happy hour? Whatever your reason for abstaining, I’ve assembled a list of mocktails for you to enjoy during this time of sobriety! Now, these aren’t […]

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