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The Best Quick Meals on The Internet

The BEST Quick Meals on the Internet {in 30 Minutes or Less!}

Why is it that summer always has the illusion of time – no school, no extracurricular activities, more daylight hours – but there’s still never enough time in the day?? Even in the summer a “quick meal” is the Chick-fil-A drive-thru, which everyone does, so it’s not even that fast!  If you’re like me, the […]

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swim gala food pasta salad

Game Day: Food for Young Athletes

My children are competitive swimmers. This means that they spend long days at the pool, especially during swim meets. Weekend races can take all day, but most of the time my favorite swimmers are sitting pool-side snacking while they wait to compete. Packing the proper foods is important to keep them energized, but not weighed […]

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Stronger U

Stronger U: How a Nutrition Program Made Our Life as a Military Family Easier

My husband just crushed his Air Force fitness (PT) test. He did so well, in fact, he does not need to retake the test for an entire year rather than the standard six-month requirement. He also recorded the lowest weight on his test since he was a cadet at the Air Force Academy. TWENTY years […]

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