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My son, clearly excited for snorkeling and beach time!

Hawaii’s Most Fun and Affordable Things to do For The Military Family: Part 2 Outdoor Activities

This is part two of a series on fun and affordable things to do in Hawaii.  This series also aims to highlight the need to find the positives in every assignment, even if it is not in paradise.  🙂 Check out part 1 of this series here. In the land of sunshine and warm weather, there […]

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Non-Scary Halloween Stories For Your Littles

  I’m not a big holiday decorator, but I love children’s holiday books. There’s no shortage of Halloween books, but it can be tricky to find them for young children. For the little ones, you need Halloween books that are the right mix of fun, silly, and maybe a little spooky. Yet, you don’t want […]

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Direct Sales_erin

Yes, I Work in Direct Sales, Yes, I Am That Person

Y’all, I never thought I’d be a salesperson. I have always been the shy, dreamy-eyed romantic who is feeling big feelings and writing poetry in the corner. I see multiple sides in most arguments. In fact, I spent most of my undergraduate studies learning how to craft essays defending different positions. I would never take […]

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A Real Mom’s Guide To Mocktails

Attention all mamas who are currently not drinking! Are you expecting a sweet little bundle? Are you nursing and nervous your baby might be getting a little too happy at happy hour? Whatever your reason for abstaining, I’ve assembled a list of mocktails for you to enjoy during this time of sobriety! Now, these aren’t […]

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