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Knowing and Setting Your Limits as a Wife, Mother and Friend

Recently, a friend asked me to come over and help her babysit. She’d agreed to babysit another friend’s two children. I immediately said yes with absolutely no hesitation. I wanted to help her. And I did. But that request turned into another. She asked me to take over the babysitting job entirely. She felt overwhelmed taking care of […]

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See?  Don't I look happy despite all of the junk on the ledge behind me?

Being OK with Being OK

“You’re really hard on her,” my friend told me. I knew it was true, and I knew it was awful.   This was almost four years ago, and I can recall it as clearly as the block of cheese I ate for lunch. We were stationed in Italy and my dear friends and I had […]

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Making Moves and Finding Your Tribe

Did you know there are apps to make mom-friends? Instead of going on dates to find a compatible partner, you are mom speed dating to find your ultimate mommy friend match. No, I’m not lying. This is definitely a thing, and I’m not mad about it. Want to know why? Because making friends is hard. […]

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