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Kindergarten is Stealing My Child’s Joy

I vaguely remember kindergarten. I know it was only half-day. I sat at the blue square table. The most important things were sharing and learning letters, numbers, and colors. Yes, times have changed. The American school system has changed. I see articles daily either about how much pressure we’re putting on our young school children or […]

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Candice Curry

MilMB’s Book Club Presents an Interview with Candice Curry, Author of “The Con Man’s Daughter”

Tragedy, neglect, addiction, manipulation – all these words can describe “The Con Man’s Daughter” by Candice Curry. Yet, this memoir is so much more than this. It is a story of triumph over tragedy, love over pain, and forgiveness in all its forms. This book brought out a wide range of emotions and thoughts for […]

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