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parenthood and humility

Parenthood: An Exercise in Humility

When we finally got our first kid sleeping through the night, we basically felt like parenting experts. We had read books together and followed them religiously. And it had worked. The night before we implemented The Plan, she woke up 8 times and ate twice. A little over a week later, we kissed her goodnight […]

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Ode to the Uptight Mom

Ode to an Uptight Mom

From where you sit, the afternoon light beams in, pleasantly illuminating the flowers on your dining room table. Then your gaze drifts down to the floor, where tufts of dog hair catch the light as they are blown around by the ceiling fan breeze. You sigh, irritated. Dust surrounds you: in your lampshade, under your […]

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new mom

A New Mom’s Survival Guide: The Advice I Wish I’d Gotten (And The Advice I Wish I’d Listened To)

We all know that having a baby is completely life altering. Those first few months are tough. They are exhausting. You don’t have good days and bad days. You have good minutes and bad minutes. You get a lot of advice. Some of it is useful and much of it is “well-intentioned.” Most importantly, you […]

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life hacks for a new year

6 Life Hacks for a New Year

Welcome to another brand new year. This season is ripe with reflection and resolutions. Everyone I know is eager to wipe the slate clean and begin again with renewed vigor. Gyms are packed. Calendars and planners are flying off the shelves. It seems like an opportune time to reinvent oneself.  More often than not, a […]

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