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crying baby girl

Babies Will Cry, and It Will Be OK

My sister sat next to her crying baby on the ground, hand on her forehead. Her little boy wailed, arching his back and swinging his limbs at her if she tried to touch him. “I don’t know what’s wrong with him!” she said, panic edging into her voice. “He’s just freaking out right now, and […]

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The Milestones I Am Happy to Leave Behind

Milestones are different for everyone. We watch and wait, sometimes cognizant of hitting them in our families with our children. Sometimes they surprise us. We find ourselves almost longing to go back to the time before our children grew and changed.     But there are other milestones I’m happy to be done with. Onwards and […]

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KinderCare Learning Centers graphic

FREE Activity Printable from KinderCare!

Did you know that all KinderCare Learning Centers are both licensed AND accredited? This means that all childcare facilities – from their buildings to their teachers to their curriculum – are monitored and approved by outside authority figures. KinderCare is ensuring that all their parents know that their children’s health, safety, and education is in […]

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homemade Forky upcycling art

Upset over Upcycling-Am I Raising a Hoarder?

I could blame a very popular pup on TV who instructs our children to not lose it, “reuse it!” Or I could blame the abundance of Amazon boxes in my house. Whatever the cause, I think I’m raising an upcycling hoarder. My 4 year old started repurposing trash—really recyclables—for his art projects the summer we […]

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