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July Book Club: Nine Perfect Strangers

When I think of a luxury wellness resort, I conjure up images of calm and serenity. I see spa treatments and carefully curated, nutritious meals. I imagine yoga, meditation, and an overall sense of peace. In short, it sounds like a perfect break for a mother of four. But “luxury” and “wellness” can be subjective […]

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June Book Club: The Immortalists

The Immortalists: It is 1969 New York City, and the Gold children are looking for a little fun. Word had spread through the Lower East Side of a psychic woman who can read fortunes. The four adolescent siblings set out to find this woman and seek answers about their futures. They all possess the desire […]

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Educated Tara-Westover

May Book Club: Educated by Tara Westover

Imagine that your very first day of school was at the age of seventeen. This is the age that Tara Westover, the author of Educated, entered her first classroom.  Tara and her six siblings were raised by Mormon survivalists in Idaho. Her father’s fears of the end of the world and paranoia about government influence […]

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What I would tell my younger military spouse self

To the New Military Spouse: I See You

To the new military spouse: I see you. You are standing by the wall at a squadron function. You alternate between timid and brazen, depending on your personality. Your eyes flit over every person there. You stay close to your significant other, even as the jargon confuses you and work conversations dominate the gathering. You […]

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Military Retirement Terrifies Me

Most people hear the word “retirement” and think of something that happens later in life. Generally, it is a time where one stops working and lives off of a company pension, retirement plan, or savings. It evokes images of rest, relaxation, and in truth, old age.  In the military, retirement takes on an entirely different […]

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parenting a teenager

Raising Teenagers: A Balancing Act

It usually starts the same way. The lipstick is too dark. That crop top is not appropriate for school (sometimes not even the living room). Those earbuds have to be removed before it becomes surgically necessary. He is not listening or following rules. She is rude to everyone who looks her way. The attitude, the […]

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