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Parmesan Cheese

Why I Don’t Buy Mother’s Day Cards

I don’t buy Mother’s Day cards. I used to love going through the card aisle and reading the “funny” Mother’s Day cards. The creativity and hilarity of what people came up with to put on a card was amusing to me. Of course, that was all before kids when I could actually stand there and […]

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Let ‘Em Laugh: Embracing Your Spouse’s Sense of Humor

There I was enjoying a nice, relaxing shower. The kids were sleeping, the clothes were folded, and the floors were actually mopped hence I was enjoying a 10 minute shower instead of the typical hurried five minute one. Suddenly, I hear running footsteps. My husband bursts into the bathroom, opens the shower door, turns around, […]

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What Down Syndrome Is NOT

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and, if you have a friend with a family member who has Down syndrome, your Facebook or Instagram may become flooded with informative posts about what exactly Down syndrome is.  However, you don’t often get to read or understand what Down syndrome is not.  I was 23 years old […]

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What’s So Great About Dayton

  “Ohio? You’re moving to Ohio?!?” “Aren’t you going the opposite way?” “Is there even a highway to get from here to there?” You can imagine my anxiety as people made these comments when I told them we were being stationed at Wright Patterson in Dayton, Ohio. I knew that going from living among the […]

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