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children at the beach a blessing in life

Blessings By The Week

Do we ever just stop and take a moment to think about how truly blessed we are? That weekend we just spent at a gorgeous beach in Okinawa, Japan in January, basking in the warm sun for very little money since it was a military resort. I remembered that people pay good money to vacation […]

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Hair Salon

I Have Commitment Issues

It’s that time of year when everyone is focused on self care and what they can do to be a better version of themselves in 2019. Every year I make the same “resolution” or promise to myself. Every year I have lofty aspirations  of finally committing. Yet, we are here two months in, and I […]

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MOPS, motherhood,

The One Group I Need in This Stage of Motherhood

Moving is HARD. Some may say that moving across the country is even harder. Finding a new “tribe” every 2 to 4 years is exhausting. Some think it isn’t worth it. Some may think they are not “enough” when it comes to offering themselves up to a friend. Some think they can weather this stage […]

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2018 Veteran's Day Deals,Veteran's Eat Free

2018 Veterans Day Deals

  Here at Military Mom’s Blog we love a good sale. And we LOVE our veterans, so this year’s Veterans Day Deals have a special place in our hearts. Lucky for you, we did some research and found THE best deals for you this Veterans Day.  Always call ahead to check and make sure your […]

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Pumpkin 012

Meredith’s Pumpkin Chili

Since I can remember, fall has always been my favorite season. The apple picking, the leaves changing, and of course ALL things pumpkin make it an easy season to love. Living in Japan (in a very warm climate) can make a girl pretty nostalgic for fall weather, warm scarves and  high boots. But luckily, cooking […]

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Judgement Free Parenting

Always Choose Judgement-Free Parenting

The day I decided to not give a flying you-know-what about what others thought of my parenting skills, was the day I became a better mom.  Now, to be fair, I have never really spent a lot of time caring about what others think. I generally don’t look in the mirror and compare myself to […]

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Title 1

Recipe: Crispy Garlic, Panko-Crusted Green Beans

Nothing screams springtime more than fresh vegetables and the reintroduction of non frozen fruits back into your kitchen! I have so many memories of taking a play break and snapping green beans with my mom. There is just something about sitting outside on a perfect, sunny day and prepping the easiest side dish for your […]

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Children's Day @Military Mom's Blog

Celebrating Kodomo no Hi in Okinawa, Japan

Our little family is LOVING Okinawa, Japan. We love living the island lifestyle, and we also really love how kid-friendly and kid-focused the Japanese are. There are nursing rooms everywhere, kids are welcomed at almost all restaurants, and if they aren’t, there is a nice sign stating the “adult only” hours. Families mainly live multi-generational, […]

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