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crying baby girl

Babies Will Cry, and It Will Be OK

My sister sat next to her crying baby on the ground, hand on her forehead. Her little boy wailed, arching his back and swinging his limbs at her if she tried to touch him. “I don’t know what’s wrong with him!” she said, panic edging into her voice. “He’s just freaking out right now, and […]

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stable mother comforting child

For My Children, I Am Stable

In my children’s world of military chaos and disorder, I am the constant, the always present person and place. But this role isn’t easy. At our new library, we walk into cheerful chaos: children shouting, towers crashing, bright clothes blurring in motion. Older children sit at tables piecing together lego bricks. Toddlers wobble drunkenly on […]

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christmas music sheet

I’m Listening to Christmas Music Early This Year

If you spend any time on social media, you’ve seen evidence of this month’s greatest controversy. This issue crosses party lines. It affects both rural and urban communities; the coastal elites and the plains of the Midwest; baby boomers and millennial snowflakes. No, not the impeachment trials–this is an issue even more divisive. It’s Christmas […]

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hello fall sickness

Hello Fall Sickness: We Meet Again

Fall. It’s the season of changing leaves, pumpkin everything, and the beginning of some of the best holidays. It’s also back-to-school time … and the return of back-to-school fall sickness. Hello old friend/enemy – we meet again. School starts in early August here in Georgia. The heat index has been over 100 degrees for nearly […]

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My Mom Bod Manifesto

Weight has always been an issue for me. Meaning, whether or not I was overweight or thin, I’ve always had a negative perception of my body and felt that I should be looking better. I’ve gone on Weight Watchers and done low-carb diets, run half-marathons and done triathlons. I’ve tried the 48 hour leek cleanse […]

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