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Dear Teenager, I Wish You an Ordinary Life

She sits in my office, light flickering across her tear-stained face. Another day of advanced classes and high-achievement academics has left her weary and empty. She tells me the things we all think but are afraid to say. I hear her words and my heart breaks as she compares herself to the kids striving for […]

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Last Day in Uniform

An Open Letter to My Husband on His Retirement

Twenty years, that’s hard to believe. When we first started this journey, we had no idea what was ahead of us. Through the years we’ve celebrated the joys and challenges of this lifestyle. This was more than just your job. This has been our life for the last 20 years, and it’s strange to think […]

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Surviving the Summer When You Work From Home

Surviving the Summer When You Work From Home

As a work from home mom, summer often feels like a mixed bag. On the one hand, I look forward to a more relaxed schedule and less running around. I certainly don’t miss getting up at the crack of dawn to pack backpacks and lunches. And while the lazy days of summer mean a little […]

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A Traveler’s Guide to Military Resorts and Recreation Centers

  When you are juggling deployments, moves, and job changes, finding time to take a family vacation can be challenging. But research suggests that spending time and money on experiences with your family is well worth the investment. Our four kids often reminisce about their favorite vacations we’ve taken over the years. Not only do […]

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selling a house

Selling a House Quickly Before You Move

Moving is stressful. Trying to sell a house before moving adds even more stress. The best case scenario for surviving a PCS comes down to selling a house quickly. While a lot depends on the housing market, here are some ways to help your house look better than most on the market. Whether the market […]

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