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snooze1 dog

The Tale of the Roof Jumping Dog

About a decade ago, my husband and I had just moved to Hanscom AFB, MA. It’s a small, idyllic base nestled in between Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. We were young and without kids, however we did have two, ill-planned-for, fur babies. It is my now my mid-thirties humble opinion that no twenty-something needs a dog. […]

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resting pleasant face

The Problem with Resting Pleasant Face

This article is a public service announcement. I have to get the word out to see if there are others like me, in hopes that we can spread the word through and raise awareness for our kind.  I have an affliction. It has no formal name, so I call it  RPF, Resting Pleasant Face.  I’m […]

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Motherhood Through the Decades60

Motherhood Through the Decades: 1960s

In honor of Mother’s Day, we interviewed a military mom from each of the past eight decades. We enjoyed hearing what has changed and what has stayed the same. From fads to parenting techniques to timeless advice, moms have an opinion on it all. In addition, each interviewee holds a special place in the interviewer’s heart. For […]

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I married a Grinch

I Married A Grinch: Navigating the Holidays with a Less Than Jolly Spouse

My husband hates Christmas.  Oh ho ho…ho … he’ll tell you that’s not true. He’ll plead traditional Christmas values; he’ll cunningly argue “not ’til after Thanksgiving;” he will espouse a movement away from commercialism. But the truth is: he’s a Grinch.  Now, he LOVES presents. It’s his secondary Love Language. But he grimaces at jolliness. […]

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