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Voting: Your Right and Your Duty

  Did you know that there is a very important election this November?  Midterm elections mean that all the House seats and many of the Senate seats, along with other local positions, are up for grabs.   Unfortunately, lots of people don’t vote, particularly in midterm elections. I am here to implore you to vote. […]

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SometimesMotherhoodFeels Heavy-2

When Motherhood Feels Heavy

Motherhood is unlike anything else. I know that sounds incredibly cliche, but it’s true. It’s more than a job. It’s more than a position or trait. It turns your entire life upside down and spits you out on a new planet. There is beauty and magic and oxytocin and happiness and soul-crushing love. But there […]

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Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing; Your Children Are Watching

We’ve all heard the stories of little mouths repeating curse words they overheard. Parents typically try to censor television and movies, so their kids are not exposed to anything inappropriate. But the reality is that kids are watching us all day, every day. In all our actions, they are learning how the world works and […]

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These Are The Goold Old Days

These Are “The Good Old Days”

I didn’t get anything done today.   My “to do” list fell by the wayside when my 6-month old woke up from her nap ten minutes in and needed to be snuggled back to sleep. There I sat, trapped beneath a sleeping baby who may abandon the nap altogether if I tried to put her […]

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