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the woman before me

The Woman Before Me

I find the letter in a drawer while trying to KonMari our bedroom. The handwriting on the envelope is measured and hopeful and dotted with hearts, and my own heart flutters as I unfold the notebook paper inside. The writer is young and ardent. “It won’t be easy,” she says. “I know that. But we’ll […]

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chapter books

Chapter Books for Book-Hungry Tots

Recently I tried an experiment. I picked up my husband’s old copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to read to Jacob, our almost 4-four-year-old. My hopes weren’t high—the kid doesn’t exactly get gold stars at circle time—but I figured it was worth a try. Turns out, he was just as enthralled as I was […]

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do you need happy pills

Do You Need Happy Pills? I Do

When my husband walked in from work, I was sitting on the couch, surrounded by piles of folded laundry. “Wow!” he grinned. I smiled back. I had put clean sheets on the beds and wiped down the kitchen counters, too. Both boys had been asleep since 7pm. I had caught up on This is Us […]

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Direct Sales_erin

Yes, I Work in Direct Sales, Yes, I Am That Person

Y’all, I never thought I’d be a salesperson. I have always been the shy, dreamy-eyed romantic who is feeling big feelings and writing poetry in the corner. I see multiple sides in most arguments. In fact, I spent most of my undergraduate studies learning how to craft essays defending different positions. I would never take […]

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