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truths & myths

Myths & Truths of Counseling

There are a lot of hardships to being a military family but paying for counseling is not one of those things. What? Free counseling? Yes. Read on for all of the reasons I believe everyone should giving counseling a shot. Myth: All of your problems will be solved. Truth: Sorry, but no. Counseling is a […]

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meal planning

Meal Planning Ideas for the Burnt-Out Parent

All it takes is one preggo brain, three littles scurrying around at your feet, and a deployed spouse (or any one of those things) to make meal planning an incredulous activity (err, chore). Most parents I know hate meal planning with a passion. It’s funny because we’re smart and resourceful people, but when the time comes […]

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Takes a village

The Unseen Sacrifices of a Military Spouse

It’s been one of those weeks, folks, where complaint after compliant leaves my lips and my heart feels weakened by the hardships of this life. People have attempted to inflate my ego for the countless hours I have (and am) surviving without my spouse. Although appreciated, their kind words fail to encompass the multitude of […]

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