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The Guilt of Mothering

The Guilt of Mothering After Miscarriage

Although miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant mortality have occurred throughout history, it wasn’t until 1988 that President Ronald Reagan designated the month of October to its observance. By 2002, October 15th was specifically recognized as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.  Since then, much of the stigma surrounding these type of losses have been erased. This […]

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Cindy and John McCain, photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.

The Silent Service of Cindy and Carol: A Tribute to the Wives of John McCain

As the nation mourns the loss of Senator John McCain, his life will be celebrated in multiple locations, criss-crossing the vast geographic and cultural boundaries of the country for which he so greatly suffered, so admirably served, and so greatly loved. He will be memorialized in both Arizona and Washington D.C. before burial at his […]

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academic success

10 Keys to Academic Success for Military Kids – Part 1

It’s one of the biggest struggles military families face: ensuring a quality education for their children. Frequent moves and their resulting long-term disruptions make continuity of education difficult; and while other families often take school-district quality into consideration when searching for a new home, military families are generally not afforded such a luxury.  It’s a […]

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In Defense of the Bad Duty Station

We’ve all been there. That dreaded phone call. “Orders came in. Are you sitting down?” “Yes…” A prickly anticipation fills the air, like your foot falling asleep. You teeter between giddy excitement and a foreboding sense of dread, all wrapped up in a breathless moment, waiting to be unwrapped. “I can’t believe it,” he says. […]

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