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household goods

Household Goods Delivery Day: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Whether you’ve been waiting three days or three months, the day your household goods arrive is always an emotional roller coaster. While the outside world may only see Instagram-worthy images of a moving truck and kids happily reunited with their toys, the truth—as you all know—is far less perfect. Indeed, it often looks a little […]

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This Year, Treat Your Kid’s MilSpouse Teacher Like The Rock Star She Is

It’s a funny thing, this military life … despite being a teacher, I rarely actually teach. Instead, I often find myself occupying other roles: stay-at-home mom, PTO volunteer, FRG leader, etc. And while these are all fulfilling in their own ways, part of me will always identify as an educator—even if this wayward military lifestyle […]

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goodbye mayberry

Goodbye Mayberry: A Farewell to Fort Leavenworth

Military life can sometimes feel like a never-ending series of puddle jumps. Two years here, one year there—even less, sometimes. Making the effort to ingratiate oneself in a new community often feels pointless. And there’s no denying the barrage of negativity that attaches itself to nearly every duty station. Nearly. There’s something different about Fort […]

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Sometimes the Mess Doesn't Matter

Sometimes the Mess Doesn’t Matter

Being deep in the throes of a PCS purge, I find myself ruminating on one — seemingly impossible — idea. So impossible, in fact, I guarantee that as my husband reads these very words, he’ll be left mouth agape, wondering what has happened to his always-on-the-edge-of-a-clutter-induced-anxiety-attack of a wife. But it’s true. As we prepare […]

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The Audacity of Authenticity

Not long ago, I posted the following picture via @mommafiltered to one of my social media accounts: The idea seemed to resonate with people, as one-by-one, encouraging messages and ‘likes’ poured in. A handful felt the need to clarify that it’s important for boys to be raised the same way, which … yes, obviously.  But […]

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