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woman quieted as metaphor for disappointment

As An Idealist, I Had to Learn to Live with Disappointment

I am an idealist. Since I was a little girl, I’ve held this innate belief of ideals over practicality. I don’t look at facts. I look at hope beyond reasonable explanation. Some would call people like myself visionaries, wishful thinkers, romanticists, and fantasizers. And when you put it like that it seems hopeful, albeit naïve. I’ve […]

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Goodbye Facebook

Goodbye Facebook

I took a break from Facebook, and I am slowly getting the pieces of my life back. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Well, this hand has not been feeding me. It has been starving me, one negative comment and unfriend at a time. This hand slaps me when […]

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The Seven Dwarfs of Military Friendship

As you may know, I am a bit new to this whole military thing. What’s more, my spouse joined service in our later years of life. All that to say, in our civilian life, we didn’t recognize the value in stability and consistency until they were gone.  This military friendship thing is hard. Its bouncy-ball […]

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coping mechanism

I Have So Many Coping Mechanisms That My Coping Mechanisms Have Coping Mechanisms

Webster’s Dictionary defines revelation as a surprising and previously unknown fact. I’ve been turning a blind eye to some surprising and previously unknown facts about myself because they’re glaringly painful to look at too closely. Quite honestly, it is easier to avoid them (you know, like the fights with your spouse when you manage to […]

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The Books that Grew Me

Oh, my word ladies, I’ve been journaling. I absolutely love to journal but somewhere along the way, from being a child to being a mother, I lost the art journaling, of slowing down, of mindfulness. Sure, I write… but for a cause, for a purpose, for a career … but for myself? That’s decreased over […]

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

I’m FINALLY learning to embrace my saggy bottom britches, body parts descending, stretch marks showing, varicose vein-wearing, laugh-lines growing, middle-aged body of mine. I recently listened to a Lysa TerKeurst podcast. She discusses her book- It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way. She refers to buying a bikini that her DNA confirms she is not […]

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When To Say Goodbye to a Friend for Good

Friendship can be hard especially when balanced on a perpetually spinning wheel. I liken military friendships to a roller coaster; the ride can be a thrill, circuslike enjoyment, spinning all sorts of directions with extreme highs and extreme lows. But the second you get off, queasiness and uncertainty set in. Don’t get me wrong- friendship […]

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