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Green basket with multi-colored eggs

Military Moms Neighborhood Egg Hunt

We may not be able to attend our favorite events and holiday activities right now, but with a little help from our communities, we can still do an Easter Egg Hunt while practicing social distancing. Similar to the "Bear Hunts" and "Chalk Walks" we've seen popping up over neighborhoods across the country, our hunt works [...]
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Postpartum PTSD

True Life: It Took Me Three Years to Bond with My Baby

This post was written in honor of World Prematurity Day on November 17th and aims to spark conversation and awareness about an often overlooked repercussion of traumatic births.  In an ideal world, those first beautiful moments you gaze into your baby’s eyes creates a life-long bond. But in the real world, this doesn’t always happen. […]

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The Best Quick Meals on The Internet

The BEST Quick Meals on the Internet {in 30 Minutes or Less!}

Why is it that summer always has the illusion of time – no school, no extracurricular activities, more daylight hours – but there’s still never enough time in the day?? Even in the summer a “quick meal” is the Chick-fil-A drive-thru, which everyone does, so it’s not even that fast!  If you’re like me, the […]

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Organize Your Mind to Organize Your Life

Organize Your Mind to Organize Your Life

Feeling Unorganized  Is anyone else also obsessed with Marie Kondo and her book/Netflix series on the Japanese art of tidying up? Anyone else instantly dump the contents of her house onto her bed and start folding her clothes in new, upright ways? If you’re like me, you did these things and SO. MUCH. MORE. But when […]

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