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Choosing to Engage, Advocate, Empower and Act as a Military Spouse

In early May I had the opportunity to attend a conference called Homefront Rising, in Washington D.C. Homefront Rising is a one-day non-partisan leadership boot camp for military spouses. It focuses on running for office, advocacy and teaching military spouses to speak up.  I’ve always loved Social Studies and served on the Youth City Council as […]

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Pleased as Punch with My Breast Pump

I am wary of crowdsourcing many of my life questions. To say I’m reluctant to ask for parenting opinions, political advice or other serious topics on Facebook would be an understatement. But, I do love the Internet when it’s helpful. I have found that I like getting recommendations for products and restaurants on Facebook, Instagram, […]

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Motherhood Through the Decades80

Motherhood Through The Decades: 1980s

In honor of Mother’s Day, we interviewed a military mom from each of the past eight decades. We enjoyed hearing what has changed and what has stayed the same. From fads to parenting techniques to timeless advice, moms have an opinion on it all. In addition, each interviewee holds a special place in the interviewer’s heart. For […]

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The Milestones I Wasn’t Expecting

I am a mom who loves information about children. Years before I was a mom, I was consuming information about parenting. I spent hours reading “mommy blogs” like Mighty Girl, Dooce, Girls Gone Child and watching Momversation videos. I liked the mom culture and enjoyed hearing about people’s lives and children.  When I  was pregnant […]

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Aspiring to Be a Gym Rat

  I’ve never been extremely comfortable at the gym. For me, it feels a bit like visiting someone’s house. Not really a stranger, but maybe a relative who has furniture you’re not sure you can sit on. The machines can look complicated, and don’t even get me started on locker room basics. I have never […]

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Kid-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Mini Muffins

Looking for something to make for St. Patrick’s Day, but don’t want to use half a bottle of green food coloring? We’ve called them spinach muffins, muscle muffins, or hulk muffins. They’re just the right size for kids to eat, great for a holiday, and I’ve used them for a Book Club. Also, there are […]

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Mountains are Yearning

5 Christmas Songs That Take Away My Holiday Cheer

I love the holiday season. Enormous inflatables taking over everyone’s lawn fills me with tacky glee.  I love the delicious food I can’t stop making and consuming. And I love Christmas music.   I love the music so much that after Halloween is over, it’s fair game for me. At least in my car, where […]

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Non-Scary Halloween Stories For Your Littles

  I’m not a big holiday decorator, but I love children’s holiday books. There’s no shortage of Halloween books, but it can be tricky to find them for young children. For the little ones, you need Halloween books that are the right mix of fun, silly, and maybe a little spooky. Yet, you don’t want […]

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