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easter eggs on straw

Easter Ideas in the time of COVID-19

Times are wild, am I right? I’ve been wanting to try some new things for Easter but COVID-19 has been messing with all my plans.  There are a lot of things we can’t do right now. But that shouldn’t stop us! Here are a few Easter ideas you can do to perk up your holiday with […]

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The Milestones I Am Happy to Leave Behind

Milestones are different for everyone. We watch and wait, sometimes cognizant of hitting them in our families with our children. Sometimes they surprise us. We find ourselves almost longing to go back to the time before our children grew and changed.     But there are other milestones I’m happy to be done with. Onwards and […]

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winter scene

10 Ways to Spark Joy this Winter

As military families, we’re constantly on the move. You may be tired of your warm winter or waiting to get out of your cold winter. But winter is just that – a season. It passes before you know it. Maybe we should try to find joy in the season, no matter the temperatures or conditions. […]

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There is Never Enough Time Before a Deployment

When we heard about his upcoming deployment, it seemed far away. We felt like we had time. We began planning. My most optimistic self hoped we could get all of the dirty work of pre-deployment out of the way: things like a Power of Attorney, buying winter tires, updating credit card accounts, adjusting car insurance, […]

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Summer Sports: Lessons Learned from a Newbie Mom

This summer we thought we’d add to the madness and begin youth team sports. We picked track through our post’s recreation office, and we’re doing soccer through our city. Our thought was that track will give her endurance (fingers crossed), and soccer will help her work together with her team. She has already learned so […]

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Gloria’s Glorious Waffle Recipe

I loved Saturday mornings as a kid, and not for the cartoons. Growing up, we happily climbed into the minivan early in the morning. We didn’t mind because we were going to Great Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Roy, Utah, for waffles. Their small house was packed with aunts, uncles, cousins and hungry children. I’m […]

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Dear Future Dog …

Dear Future Dog, Some people may think it’s strange I’m writing this letter to you, but children write letters to Santa, a figure who was real in the past, and you are real in the future so potato, potahto, why not? Future dog, we’ve been giving you a lot of thought. The other day in […]

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