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The Five B’s for Baby: Creating the Perfect Baby Gift for the Second Time Mom

There is a lot of baby stuff out there. I mean, A LOT! I have three kids, each are more than two years apart, and I was amazed with the increase in products that hit the market between each of my pregnancies. For the first baby, we needed all of the things, and any baby gift was appreciated. I’m sure I registered for every single thing that any mom friend recommended.

By babies two and three, though, we knew what we wanted and what we needed. Some baby gifts last through several babies but for others, it is nice to have a fresh set for each new addition.

Want to know the best things to include in a baby gift for a second time mom? Check out our Top Five B’s for Baby: Creating the Perfect Baby Gift for the Second Time Mom.

Bodysuits – Now you might think that baby clothes last forever, but that is simply not true. First, all baby clothes are not equal. Some fall apart after a few runs through the wash or start to pill the more stains you scrub out. Others aren’t as soft as you hoped or are just difficult to get on and keep on. That is why bodysuits are so great. They are easy to get on and off, and baby can play and sleep in them.

The JustBorn line from Kohl’s is one of my favorites for this item. They are made with the highest quality materials and designed with on-trend colors, styles, and prints that any parent is sure to love. Check out the Lil’ Lion design. So cute for boys AND girls.

And guess what?? It’s your lucky day, Kohl’s JustBorn line is having a sale RIGHT NOW. Shop it here.

PRO TIP: Buy one of the larger sizes. Lots of clothing given for baby gifts are in newborn sizes, and babies grow out of those quickly!

Booties – Booties or socks disappear quickly. Whether they are lost while on a walk or they disappear in the wash, there is always room for more in baby’s closet. You will want to find a pair that fits well and is more likely to stay on the baby’s feet. I actually used to tuck the socks into the little baby pants, so we were less likely to lose a sock while out. Kohls’ JustBorn socks can cover you here as well. This line has the perfect blend of comfort, safety, durability, and functionality to keep baby comfortable and mom happy. I love the Lil’ Dino design.

And remember, Kohl’s JustBorn line is on sale NOW. Shop it here.

PRO TIP: Include a lingerie laundry bag in your baby gift basket. Moms and dads can wash all of the socks together, so they are less likely to lose one in the wash.

Bibs – Bibs should be a no brainer on the list of things that you want new for each baby. These go through a lot, from spit up and drool in those early days to mushed peas later on. Even if the expecting mom is a laundry ninja, it is worthwhile to give her a couple of new bibs. I love the JustBorn organic handkerchief bibs. They are organic cotton with no harmful chemicals, and are super soft for baby’s little face. Bibs come in a three pack.

PRO TIP: Include a body suit and bibs that coordinate in your baby gift. Think of the bib as the must have baby accessory for the fall since that baby will be wearing it a lot!

Books – You can never go wrong with board books. They are supposed to be indestructible, but I have seen babies (my baby) rip through one of those things so a fresh book is always appreciated. We kept board books in the car, in my bag, in the stroller, and in various places around the house.

Worried that you are accidentally giving a duplicate? Don’t. Duplicates just go in a different place than the original.

PRO TIP: Don’t discount the tiny sets of board books. We had a set of 5 that came in a little box. All of my kids loved that set because it was easy for them to carry around and provided enough variety to keep them entertained.

Bath Toys – This is the most overlooked baby gift. Anytime you are trying to think of a baby gift (or any gift for a small child), consider bath toys. They keep kids entertained in the tub and need to be frequently replaced because they tend to get gross after a few months. Rubber ducks, boats, things that squirt, etc., — they are all good choices. Did you know that there are even books for the bath? I do recommend fanning out the bath book so that it dries after every bath.

PRO TIP: Look at the reviews before you buy! For instance, bath flutes may sound like a lot of fun but think about the impact of that high pitched, off key noise in the bathroom’s outstanding acoustics.

What do you like to include in a baby gift for a second time mom? Let us know!

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